Country Hams

Country Hams are the quintessential dish of The South. Salt-cured by hand and smoked with natural hickory wood, these country hams are aged to a rich mahogany color.

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  1. Petite Country Ham
    Petite Country Ham

    Starting at $69.00

  2. A Tale of Two Hams
    A Tale of Two Hams

    Starting at $110.00

  3. Cooked Bone-In Glazed Country Ham
  4. Family Favorites
    Family Favorites

    Starting at $84.00

  5. Boneless Country Ham
    Boneless Country Ham

    Starting at $89.00

  6. Uncooked Bone-In Country Ham
    Uncooked Bone-In Country Ham

    Starting at $115.00

  7. Cooked Country Ham Slices
    Cooked Country Ham Slices

    Starting at $69.00

  8. All Star Sampler
    All Star Sampler

    Starting at $79.00

  9. Edwards Provision Pack
    The Provision Pack

    Starting at $320.00

  10. Petite Country Ham and Turkey Breast Combo
  11. Cooked Country Ham and Sweet Potato Biscuits
  12. Taste of Virginia Meat Sampler
  13. Wigwam Cooked Boneless Ham
    Wigwam Cooked Boneless Ham

    Starting at $84.00

  14. Wigwam Uncooked Country Ham
    Wigwam Uncooked Country Ham

    Starting at $139.00

  15. The Smokehouse Sampler
    The Smokehouse Sampler

    Starting at $69.00

  16. Country Ham Slices
    Country Ham Slices

    Starting at $59.00

  17. Wigwam Cooked Country Ham
    Wigwam Cooked Country Ham

    Starting at $159.00

  18. The Cavalier Collection
    The Cavalier Collection

    Starting at $125.00

  19. Smoked Perfection Collection
    Smoked Perfection Collection

    Starting at $75.00

  20. Ham Tasting Collection
    Ham Tasting Collection

    Starting at $199.00

  21. Smoked Meat Sampler
    Smoked Meat Sampler

    Starting at $69.00

  22. Uncooked Country Ham Biscuits
  23. Smoked Meat Sampler and Peanuts
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23 Items

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