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Wigwam Cooked Country Ham

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E2014 One 10-11.5 lb. Cooked Wigwam Ham

Farm to Smokehouse, Smokehouse to Table

We're excited to announce that the Wigwam Country Ham is back! This aged 200+ day country ham is salt-cured, smoked, and delivers a remarkable flavor reminiscent of the country hams of yesteryear. It arrives with the bone-in, complete with instructions for storing and preparing.


  • Cooked
  • Hickory Smoked
  • Intense Robust Flavor
  • Aged over 200 days
  • Honey and Brown Sugar Glazed

STORAGE: Refrigerate upon receipt. Allow 2-3 days for a ham to thaw. If not to be used within 28 days, freeze for up to 6 months. If the vacuum seal is broken while under refrigeration, the ham will need to be used within a week or frozen.


CARVING Instructions: Use a very sharp knife to cut very thin slices. With ham fat side up, begin slicing about 2 inches from the hock, or small end of the ham. Make the first cut straight down. Slant the knife slightly for each succeeding cut. Decrease slant as slices become larger.


SERVING Instructions: This product is ready to eat. For best results, slices may be gently re-heated or served at room temperature.