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Welcome to Edwards Virginia Smokehouse


Quality Edwards Smoked Meats

Edwards Virginia Smokehouse is rooted in tradition. Founded in 1926 by S. Wallace Edwards, Sr. – the business was started by selling dry-cured ham sandwiches to hungry passengers on the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry. Passed down generation to generation, the curing process has proven to be a mixture of science and learned skill. A family-run business, fathers, sons, daughters, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors have contributed to the success of their business. View the full history and tradition of Edwards Virginia Smokehouse.

Although a fire devastated their facility in January of 2016 and limited their product line, the foundation remains the same. Edwards Virginia Smokehouse is dedicated to providing the unique, smoky flavor of the Great American Country Ham that our customers love. Shop our selection of country hams, smoked bacon, southern barbecue meats and more. Discover the authentic southern smoked meats of Edwards today!