Smoked Sausage Links

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Four 12 oz. pkgs. 6" Smoked Sausage Links
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Eight 12 oz. pkgs. 6" Smoked Sausage Links
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One 5 lb. box 4" Smoked Sausage Links
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Some of the best sausage you’ll ever eat.  We use our multigenerational family recipe to craft a sausage that’s unique to Edwards Virginia Smokehouse. 

We pack a special mixture of delicious seasonings with cuts of pure, fresh pork that contains no cereals or fillers into large natural casings.  Then we slowly smoked them with natural hickory wood.

Our team is proud to continue this tradition of hand-crafted smoked sausage – approximately 4-5 links per pkg. or 40-50 links per 5 lb. box.