Ham Tasting Collection

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One Ham Tasting Collection
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Explore Every Flavor of Edwards' Hams

Our Ham Tasting Collection is the perfect ham-tasting pack for your next charcuterie board party. It gives you the chance to try four of our handcrafted smoked meats: fully-sliced Smoked Sweet Ham, Smoked and aged Petite Cooked Country Ham, Smoked Boneless (200+ days) Wigwam Cooked Country Ham, and sliced Surryano ham.  

The sweet ham and country hams are fully cooked and smoked. The Surryano Ham slices are aged over 500 days.  With these four varieties, you'll be sure to find a ham that will please any palate during your next party.


The tasting collection includes:

  • One 3.5-4.5 lb. Fully-Sliced Cooked Boneless Smoked Sweet Ham
  • One 2-3 lb. Cooked and Smoked Boneless Petite Country Ham
  • One 2-3 lb. Cooked and Smoked Boneless Wigwam Ham
  • Two 3 oz. pkgs. of Sliced Surryano Ham