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Surryano Ham

Surryano Ham

Developed as an all-American alternative to Europe's dry-cured hams, Edwards Surryano Ham is hand-cured, perfectly marbled, hickory-smoked and aged 400+ days. With a significantly longer age than our country hams, the Surryano Ham offers an unforgettable rich flavor that's perfect for charcuterie boards and cheese pairings.

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  • Boneless Surryano Ham

    Boneless Surryano Ham

    Enjoy ham flavor matching the world's best: Boneless, aged 400+ days and ready to serve.
  • Bone-In Surryano Ham

    Bone-In Surryano Ham

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    American Surryano ham from Heritage Breed pork is dry-cured, hickory-smoked and aged 400 days.
  • Boneless Surryano Ham Wedges
  • Bone-In Surryano Iberico Ham

    Bone-In Surryano Iberico Ham

    Award-winning Surryano Ham, crafted with Texas Iberico Pork.
  • Ham Tasting Collection

    Ham Tasting Collection

    Start your own ham party with our ham tasting collection.
    *Backordered: 9/12/2022
  • Boneless Surryano Iberico Ham

    Boneless Surryano Iberico Ham

    Boneless Surryano Iberico Ham for easier slicing.
  • Surryano Ham Slices

    Surryano Ham Slices

    *Backordered: 8/29/2022
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