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Bone-In Surryano Iberico Ham

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E3523One 15-17 lb. Bone-In Surryano Iberico Ham(Hoof On)

Iberico Ham, American Craftsmanship

Made with Texas Iberico™ pork, Surryano Iberico Ham is an American masterpiece of long-aged hams. We apply our ancestral methods of salting, smoking, and aging techniques to 100% purebred Iberico pigs raised in the serene countryside of Menard, Texas. Texas Iberico™ hogs, overseen by the Harris family of La Tienda, are descendants of the world-renowned Spanish Iberico pigs. They are antibiotic-free, pasture-raised humanely on a 1,500-acre ranch, where they forage for acorns, sweet mesquite beans, and prickly pear fruit.


This diet infuses the pork with intense flavor, and plentiful exercise means the pork is marbled with flavorful fat. Couple such premium pork with the award-winning flavor profile of the Surryano, and you have an incredible American charcuterie experience.


No refrigeration necessary. After slicing, cover the sliced area of bone-in Surryano Iberico with plastic wrap to prevent the meat from drying out. The Surryano can remain on your ham stand (not included) for display. To store completely, wrap Surryano Iberico in a butcher paper or plastic wrap and store it in a cool place. Best consumed within 12 weeks.



No cooking required. Ready to slice paper-thin and serve as a perfect complement to melon slices, olives, Spanish-style tapas...or on bread with olive oil and cheeses such as provolone and mozzarella. For optimal flavor, serve at room temperature.