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For more than 90 years and four generations, Edwards Virginia Smokehouse has been handcrafting the finest Dry Cured, Hickory Smoked, Country Hams, Bacon, and Sausage using recipes and methods dating back to Colonial America. 

Edwards continues this tradition and honors a time when quality came first, and shortcuts weren't an option. We proudly serve America's finest restaurants, hotels, specialty grocery stores, and delicatessens to create strong customer loyalty, word-of-mouth recommendations, and repeat sales for businesses across the country.

So browse the availability list below and contact us if you have questions, need pricing, or are ready to place an order. Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Edwards Wholesale Product List

Country Ham


Item Code   Description       Pack Size
B26EFS13226 Whole Boneless Cooked Country Ham1/cs Avg. Wt 9 lbs.
B26E281056 Boneless Petite Cooked Country Ham8/cs Avg. Wt 2.5 lbs. each
B23E10W4242 Cooked Sliced Country Ham10/1 lb.
B62E12W627 Uncooked Country Ham SL12/12 oz.
B10E2B10E2 Uncooked Bone-In Country Ham Wrapped2/cs Avg Wt 30 lbs
B10EFS2B10EFS2 Uncooked Bone-In Country Ham Netted2/cs Avg Wt 30 lbs




Item CodeDescriptionPack Size
102102 Bulk Sausage Grind10 lb. Bulk
103103 2 oz. Link10 lb. Bulk
104104 2 oz. Sausage Patty 10 lb.10 lb. Bulk
200200 2 oz. Smoked Sausage 10 lb.10 lb. Bulk
671671 2 oz. Smoked Sausage Link5 lb. Box
13151315 12 oz Smoked Sausage 6 inch8/12 oz. Case
Item CodeDescriptionPack Size
D25EFS41016 2.5 lb. STK PK Bacon 4/cs.4/2.5 lb Case
D31E15W2088 EDW 12 oz. Hickory Smoked Bacon 15/cs15/12 oz
D57E15W2098 EDW 12 oz. Peppered Bacon 15/cs.15/12 oz.
D32E15W998 EDW 12 oz. Bacon Steak 15/cs.15/12 oz.
D10E54W660 EDW 1/2 slab Hickory Bacon 4/cs.4/cs. Avg. Wt. 6 lbs. each
Surryano Ham
Item CodeDescriptionPack Size
4022Whole Bone-in Short Shank Surryano HamPacked 1 per case/Avg. Wt. = 17 lbs.
726Whole Boneless Surryano HamPacked 1 per case/Avg. Wt. = 8-10 lbs.
960Pre-Sliced Surryano Ham10/4 oz. Pkgs Per Case
769Surryano Ham WedgePacked 10 per case/Avg. Wt. = .75-1.25 lbs each