Choose The Ham That Is Right For You

There is a wide variety of flavors in the world of hams, and each difference is dependent on a number of factors. The curing method, the type of wood for smoking, and the age of the ham are just some of the critical parts of crafting a ham's taste profile. Sometimes picking the right ham for your special occasion can be daunting. That's why we've created this outline to help you decide between Country hams, Sweet hams, and the award-winning Surryano ham.

Edwards' Country Hams are hand-rubbed with salt through a process called dry curing. They are then smoked with natural hickory wood and aged up to 200 days, depending on the country ham. The longer you age the ham, the more intense the flavor.

Edwards Cooked Country Ham
Style: Dry Cured
Smoked and aged
Curemaster's Note: The Petite Country Ham is the perfect size for either a family meal or a holiday gift. Each country ham has a salty, smoky taste.

Edwards Wigwam Country Ham
Style: Dry Cured
Smoked: Hickory Wood
Aged: Over 200 Days
Curemaster's Note: The Wigwam Ham is aged over 200 days, giving it a more intense, dry-cured taste. Overall, this ham has a rich and complex flavor profile.

Although they are not dry-cured with salt like the country hams, the Sweet Hams are slowly smoked with hickory wood and have a milder flavor profile. Most come with an exclusive honey glaze pack for an extra coating of sweet flavor.

Edwards Smoked Sweet Ham
Style: Moist-Cured
Smoked: Hickory Wood
Age: Marinated for over a week in a Sweet Brine
Curemaster's Note: The Tender Smoked hams come fully cooked with all the fine pieces; bone-in and more fat for an even fuller and sweeter taste.

The Surryano Hams are made from rare breed-specific pork and raised outdoors with no added antibiotics. In this ham, premium pork and extended aging produce a world-class delicacy with deep mahogany and rich distinctive flavor.

Edwards Surryano Ham
Style: Dry Cured
Smoked: Hickory Wood
Age: 500 Days
Curemaster's Note: The Surryano Hams are similar in marbling and firmness to the dry-cured Serrano and Prosciutto hams. It comes ready to cut and serve. The Surryano has a nutty taste with undertones of apple or dried fruit.