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Momofuku Ssam Bar - New York, New York


"The Edwards Wigwam ham is one of the few country hams you will always find on our menu. When it comes to consistency, quality, and a unique product the Wigwam is one of our favorites."

- Matthew Rudofker, Chef du Cuisine David Chang’s Momofuku Ssam Bar

The Egg Bistro - Suffolk, Virginia


"We take great pride in using the finest local products we can find for our menus, and Edwards’ long history and commitment to quality make them a perfect partner for The Egg Bistro. The entire line of Country Hams, Bacon and Sausage is exceptional, and our customers have come to expect nothing less when they come to dine with us.”

- Patrick Perry, Owner of The Egg Bistro

The Whiskey Jar - Charlottesville Virginia


"Cooking professionally is all about ingredients I can believe in. Edwards focuses on Heritage breeds and artisan feed programs, they understand the difference and importance that subtly plays in flavor profile and how that can complete the final dish. Edwards helps me complete my own personal vision of presenting the culturally rich heritage of Virginia to our customer. They have brought tradition into the modern era with their Surryano program taking the best of Old world aesthetics and applying it to the the famous Hams of Virginia. Edwards is the only large Ham producer in Virginia working with the current culinary standards of the nation both in their hams and bacon. They have maintained tradition, brought sustainable farming consciousness and cultivated culinary nuance with their current work and it is hard to find these three things together in one company."

- Will Ritchie, Owner of The Whiskey Jar

Lemaire Restaurant - Richmond, Virginia


"At Lemaire, we have used Edwards for over 10 years. Their products are fantastic and they are hand crafted here in the Old Dominion. Not only do their hams and bacon represent the South at its finest but their products can compete on an international level. Our favorites include their Peppered Bacon and their 'Surryano Ham!' It makes us proud to be Virginians!"

- Walter Bundy, Chef of Lemaire Restaurant

Heritage Foods USA - Brooklyn, New York


"Sam Edwards is the greatest American Cure Master alive today, and is the most respected by America's greatest chefs. No one has invested more to help nearly 40 small family farms in the Midwest grow and bring Heritage Breed Hogs back to the forefront of the culinary world. Without S Wallace Edwards and Sons, Heritage Foods USA would not exist and we’re proud to offer his amazing products throughout our company.”

- Patrick Martins, President of Heritage Foods USA

715 Restaurant - Lawrence, Kansas


"My Edwards Ham Crush..,

It’s like butter made out of meat. There’s really no other ham like it. There have been plenty of nights that I’ve seriously considered picking up the hoof-on, peanut-fed ham we display by the kitchen and slow dancing with it --- it’s that sexy. When guests try it and we make eye contact, there’s this quiet moment when things go into slow motion. We share a knowing nod of the head, a lengthy blink and a subtle smile --- we’re on the same tasty page.”

- Matt Hyde, General Manager of 715 Restaurant

Waypoint Seafood & Grill - Williamsburg, Virginia


"Curing hams is a rich part of Virginia culinary history and S. Wallace Edwards & Sons leads the field with their unique curing and seasoning processes. As a resort chef for over thirty years, I proudly served Edwards products to guests and dignitaries from around the world. Now as an independent restaurateur it is important to me to serve locally sourced items and support other family owned businesses. With a devotion to quality over quantity with each ham processed by hand, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons is my preferred ham, sausage and bacon purveyor.”

- Hans J. Schadler, Chef de Cuisine, Owner of Waypoint Seafood & Grill

“When listing staples of Virginia cuisine, Virginia ham tops the list. As a chef from Tidewater Virginia, it is a privilege to cook and create with the superior products from S. Wallace Edwards and Sons. You can taste the passion and history of ingredients that have been around for generations. Waypoint Seafood & Grill is a local family business, committed to serving local products and supporting our local community. Serving a variety of S. Wallace Edwards and Sons foods including Virginia ham, Surryano, Sausage, and Pepper Bacon fulfills our mission to use the finest quality local ingredients. I am proud that S. Wallace and Sons is a part of the Waypoint story.”

- Kyle Woodruff, Chef de Cuisine of Waypoint Seafood & Grill

Feast! - Charlottesville, Virginia


"Edwards Virginia Ham has been a signature product for us since we opened our doors in 2002. Nothing says Virginia like Edwards Ham! It is a true pleasure to feature Edwards’ products prominently in our store and on our menu. As for the company -- S. Wallace Edwards & Sons is like family to us: people, products and values that we look up to, and that help us to shape our own identity. Our industry is lucky to have such strong leadership and innovation without the corporate facade.”

- Eric Gertner, Owner of Feast!

American Provisions - Boston, Massachusetts


"We're a very small shop, but we carry tons of Edwards products because you really can't pick just one. From silky, buttery slices of Surryano and their limited-run 4-year vintage ham we were so blessed to receive, down to their regular old bacon & sausage that are so far from regular, Edwards makes you think you've never tasted pig before. Their superb flavor doesn't just come from a long lineage of expert technique, but also from the pigs themselves--the folks at Edwards partnered with a founder of the American Slow Food Movement to select the perfect heritage hog breed for their products, and you can really taste that attention to detail.

There seems to be an experimental gene connecting the Edwards crew, because everyone there is always thinking about their next project--from reading up on Italian & Spanish salting methods to testing out an all-peanut diet on their Berkshire hogs, they are always working on their next big thing (and we are always waiting to try it!)”.

- Linni Kral, Store Manager of American Provisions

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