The Big Game

You know all of the common game day foods - wings, pizza, chips. However, if you want to think outside the box, try one of Edwards' big game platters. We offer various meat samplers, as well as tasty ham biscuits.  Try Edwards' meat selections, great for any tailgate or game party!

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  1. Smoked Sausage Links
    Smoked Sausage Links

    Starting at $89.00

  2. Family Favorites
    Family Favorites

    Starting at $84.00

  3. Cooked Country Ham Slices
    Cooked Country Ham Slices

    Starting at $69.00

  4. All Star Sampler
    All Star Sampler

    Starting at $79.00

  5. Cooked Country Ham and Sweet Potato Biscuits
  6. Sausage Sampler
    Sausage Sampler

    Starting at $74.00

  7. Surryano Ham Slices
    Surryano Ham Slices

    Starting at $189.00

  8. Surryano Boneless Ham Wedges
    Surryano Boneless Ham Wedges

    Starting at $120.00

  9. The Smokehouse Sampler
    The Smokehouse Sampler

    Starting at $69.00

  10. Fresh Sausage Links
    Fresh Sausage Links

    Starting at $69.00

  11. The Cavalier Collection
    The Cavalier Collection

    Starting at $125.00

  12. Smoked Perfection Collection
    Smoked Perfection Collection

    Starting at $75.00

  13. Ham Tasting Collection
    Ham Tasting Collection

    Starting at $199.00

  14. Hubs Peanuts
    Hubs Peanuts

    Starting at $56.00

  15. Honey Kissed Virginia Peanuts
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15 Items

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