Bacon Steak Burgers

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Servings Number 2 people
Prep Time 00h 05
Cooking Time 00h 05

Learn how to add some hickory smoked bacon steak to your burgers!

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Ingredients and Method


  • Two 8 oz. Ground Chuck Beef Patties
  • Two Heirloom Tomatoes
  • One Vidalia Onion
  • Two or Three Slices Bacon Steak
  • Two Hamburger Buns


  1. Slice heirloom tomatoes and Vidalia onion. Fire up the grill until it reaches about 375 degrees F.
  2. Place the beef patties on the grill. After 3-4 minutes, flip patties over and leave them for another 3-4 minutes. Meanwhile, add the Vidalia onions to the grill, but keep it off the side so it's not over direct heat. Add a couple of bacon steak slices to the grill, and flip the bacon after two minutes. When you flip the burger patties, flip the Vidalia onion as well. We recommend using a spatula and tongs to keep the onion fully intact during the flip.
  3. Take the patties, slices, and onions off the grill. Add patties on the bottom of the bun, followed by slices of the heirloom tomatoes, and onions, and lastly, the bacon steak on top. Serve and enjoy!