Uncooked, Bone-In Wigwam Ham

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Our limited edition Wigwam Brand country ham, aged a full 270+ days for full-bodied, intense flavor.

Using age-old, reliable methods, these richly flavored wigwam brand hams are salt-cured and hickory-smoked. Thanks to 240+ days of aging, they develop a remarkable, full-bodied smoky flavor that some call intense. Wigwam hams are a favorite choice for discriminating country ham lovers everywhere as well as a great gift for any occasion. Arrives with bone-in, complete with instructions for storing and preparing.

  • 17 - 18 lbs.
  • Aged 240+ Days
  • Dry Cured and Hickory Smoked
  • Uncooked
  • Bone-In
  • About 60 Servings

NOTE: Because these country hams are produced in a separate facility from ours, which burned in the January 2016 fire, returning customers may experience a different and milder flavor profile than what they're used to with this ham. However, we still honor our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Thank you for your consideration as the recovery process continues.

Ingredients: salt and sodium nitrates

How to Carve a Country Ham
Storage: Requires no refrigeration prior to cooking. For peak flavor, prepare within 3-4 months of purchase. Store by hanging in a cool, dry place. If stored longer, the ham will continue to dry and become more intensely flavored. The ham can be frozen for up to one year, which prevents over-aging and protection against pests, as well as additional mold formation. Once cooked, the ham can be refrigerated for up to a week.

Cooking: Mold on the skin of an aged ham is natural and harmless. Remove by washing with hot water and a stiff brush. (If necessary, remove a portion of the hock so ham fits into the cooking vessel.) Prior to cooking your Wigwam ham, soaking is essential. Soak ham overnight in water to remove salt. Then, wash with warm water and a stiff brush to remove mold and pepper. Traditional Method: Cook the ham in a low oven in a covered roasting pan with just a quart of water.  You can also place ham in a pot and cover with fresh water. Bring water to slow SIMMER (not boil) and maintain for 20-25 minutes per pound, plus 20 minutes (e.g., approximately 51/2-6 hours for 15 lb. ham) & or until meat thermometer shows internal temperature of 160 degrees F. Add water as needed to keep ham fully covered. When fully cooked (and while still warm), remove skin & trim fat to 1/4-inch thickness. Apply ham glaze, if desired.

Glazing: After skin removal and fat trimming, rub 1 cup of glaze (or brown sugar) over ham, score fat in a diamond pattern and stud with whole cloves. Bake at 300 degrees F. for about 30 minutes, or until lightly browned.

Carving: The flavor of aged hams is enhanced by carving into very thin slices. (Thick slices can cause overpowering flavor intensity.) Using a sharp knife, make your first cut on the glazed side of the ham, at hock (small) end. Cut consecutive slices on a 45-degree angle, straight to the bone, keeping slices as thin as possible.

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