Quarter Boneless Surryano Ham

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Named for our hometown of Surry, Virginia, the sumptuous world-class flavor of Edwards Surryano Ham rivals that of imported Italian Prosciutto, Serrano ham from Spain, or German Westphalia.

The Quarter Boneless Surryanos are hand-rubbed with a dry cure blend of salt and sugar, then smoked for seven days over hickory wood, and aged for more than 400 days to produce their signature mahogany color and rich, distinctive flavor. All Surryano Hams are crafted from pasture-raised Berkshire and Red Wattle hogs, which deliver an incredible nutty, umami flavor. When you combine the premium Heritage Breed pork with the timeless tradition of salting, smoking and aging, you get an American charcuterie reminiscent to the hams of old. The Quarter Boneless Surryano Ham comes in an easy-to-serve size for small gatherings.

  • American Rival to European-Style Hams
  • 2 - 3 lbs.
  • Aged 400+ Days
  • Crafted From Premium Heritage Breed Pork
  • Dry Cured and Hickory Smoked
  • Ready to Eat, No Cooking Needed

NOTE: We continue to produce our Surryano hams in a separate facility than ours, which burned in the January 2016 fire. You may experience a slightly different flavor profile if this is your first time back since the fire. If you for any reason do not like the new flavor profile, we still honor our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Thank you for your consideration as the recovery process continues.

Cured with: Pork and Salt.

Storage: Refrigerate upon receipt.

Preparation: No cooking required. Ready to slice paper-thin and serve as a perfect complement to melon slices, olives, Spanish-style tapas...or on bread with olive oil and cheeses such as provolone & mozzarella. For optimal flavor, serve at room temperature.

Shelf Life: Once opened, re-wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate to prevent molding. Best consumed within 12 weeks.
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3 reviews
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 23, 2018
The Edwards Surryano ham exceeded all my expectations. I swear it is art you can eat. Silky smooth texture and a unique flavor somewhere in-between a dry salt cured country ham and the finest Italian prosciutto. It has this smooth buttery flavor with just a hint of salt to it. The outer layer of fat adds this creamy delicious finish. It's an incredible ham. We ate most of it either as paper thin slices or along with these super sweet honeydew melons that were coming in later this summer. It's a combination that can't be beat. I just can't say enough about the Surryano ham. It's worth every cent!
Michael E

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Feb 22, 2018
This is delicious ham that will dress up any meal. Sliced thin enough to see-thru, it is on par with anything you would find just about anywhere including Florence, Italy. The real deal!
Bob Felton

Antipasto Worthy
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Nov 27, 2017
I substitute for Prosciutto as an antipasto. I use thin slices wrapped around cubes of watermelon or cantaloupe. I also use in the evening as a treat with stinky cheese and grapes.
Jimmy Dial

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