Cooked, Boneless Petite Country Ham Free Ground Shipping

Cooked, Boneless Petite Country Ham

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  • 2-3 lbs.
  • Boneless
  • Hickory-smoked
  • Fully cooked ham
  • Aged 4-6 months 
  • Delicate cured flavor
  • Serves 18-20 guests
  • In cloth bag

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NOTE: Because these country hams are produced in a separate facility from ours, which burned in the January 2016 fire, returning customers may experience a different and milder flavor profile than what they're used to with this ham. However, we still honor our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Thank you for your consideration as the recovery process continues.

This dry cured and aged ham is sized perfectly for small family events. Hand-rubbed with salt, brown sugar, and black pepper as well as aged 4 to 6 months, the hickory smoked Petite Country Ham provides great taste and is easy to serve. It's also fully cooked and needs no further cooking.

And don't let the smaller size fool you! Averaging 2-3 lbs., this tasty ham serves approximately 20 diners. Simply use a sharp knife to carve paper-thin slices and serve at room temperature. It's that easy. Packed in our traditional cloth bag for gift giving.

Ingredients: ham, salt, brown sugar, sodium nitrate, black pepper and sodium nitrite.

How to Carve a Virginia Country Ham

Storage: Refrigerate upon receipt.

Preperation: This dry cured Country Ham is fully cooked and needs no further cooking. Use a very sharp knife and slice paper-thin slices when ham is cold. Serve slices at room temperature or warm in a microwave or conventional oven after ham has been sliced. to slice For best results use a very sharp knife or electric slicer. Start at either end of the ham and make the slice very thin.

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