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Boneless Dry Cured Lamb

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Out of Stock
Hosting a special occasion? Our boneless lamb leg is so easy to include in an elegantly crafted American charcuterie board. Just slice paper thin and serve!

Using lamb raised by Craig Rogers of Border Springs Farm, our Dry Cured Lamb is hand-rubbed with salt and is later smoked in our smokehouses using real hickory wood. It is then aged for up to 5 months, giving the lamb a classic Southern taste reminiscent to the dry cured lamb enjoyed during Colonial America. When you slice the Boneless Dry Cured Lamb, it's perfect for a memorable tasting or a fantastic accompaniment to a glass of bourbon.

Bring a piece of Virginia food history to your table and enjoy!

4 - 6 lbs.
Nutrition Facts
Storage: Refrigerate upon receipt.

Preparation: No cooking required. Ready to slice paper-thin.

Shelf Life: Unopened shelf stable for up to 2 years. Once opened, re-wrap and refrigerate to prevent molding. Best consumed within 12 weeks.
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