Farming Policy

Pork for Surryano Hams and Wigwam Hams

Heritage Foods partners with Paradise Locker Meats, a family-owned meat processing facility that practices humane harvesting operations.

Pork for Surryano Iberico Ham

We partner with Texas Iberico® to supply us with the delicious ingredients of Texas Iberico® pork for our Surryano Iberico Ham. They produce "100 % Iberico breed pigs raised on the Trail's End Ranch in the Texas Hill Country by rancher Ashly Martin." "With an active lifestyle and exceptional genetic characteristics, Iberico pigs produce some of the healthiest meat available anywhere. Texas Iberico® pasture-raised pigs are never given antibiotics and our pork is Animal Welfare Approved, acknowledged by Consumer Reports as the only "highly meaningful" food label for farm animal welfare.

Pork for Country Ham, Bacon, and Sausage

The pork used to craft our country hams, bacon, and sausages comes from the commodity pink pig from sources like Seaboard, JH Routh, and Prestage Farms.