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While we're proud to offer classic dry cured meats such as country ham, bacon, and sausage, we're always looking to provide new items from the world of southern delicacies. Check out the list below to enjoy some of Edwards' newest offerings:
  • Cooked Boneless Wigwam Ham

    Cooked Boneless Wigwam Ham

    This classic Wigwam Brand Country Ham is completely boneless, ready to heat, slice and serve.
  • Cooked, Bone-In Wigwam Ham

    Cooked, Bone-In Wigwam Ham

    Our limited edition Wigwam Brand ham, aged a full 10-12 months for full-bodied, intense flavor.
  • Uncooked, Bone-In Wigwam Ham

    Uncooked, Bone-In Wigwam Ham

    Our limited edition Wigwam Brand country ham, aged a full 10-12 months for full-bodied, intense flavor.
  • Edwards Sausage Sampler

    Edwards Sausage Sampler

    Made from the finest pork cuts, and blended with a secret family recipe of sage and special seasonings.
  • Smoked Meat Sampler

    Smoked Meat Sampler

    Popular & economical sampler features sliced Country Ham, Smoked Bacon and Peppered Bacon
  • Edwards Breakfast Sampler

    Edwards Breakfast Sampler

    Tasteful trio of Edwards Hickory-smoked Bacon, Peppered Bacon and delectable Smoked Sausage Links
  • Edwards All-Star Sampler

    Edwards All-Star Sampler

    Four of our all-time favorites found at the traditional Southern table; Country Ham, Smoked Bacon, Sausage Links and...
  • Ham: a Savor the South® Cookbook

    Ham: a Savor the South® Cookbook

    55 recipes on how to best enjoy this iconic food of southern cuisine. Written by Damon Lee Fowler.
  • Boneless Surryano Ham

    Boneless Surryano Ham

    Enjoy ham flavor matching the world's best: Boneless, perfectly marbled and ready to serve.
  • Quarter Boneless Surryano Ham

    Quarter Boneless Surryano Ham

    All the amazing flavors of our award winning Surryano in a size perfect for small gatherings.
  • Bone-In Surryano Ham

    Bone-In Surryano Ham

    American Surryano ham from Heritage Breed pork is dry-cured, hickory-smoked and aged 400 days.
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