Dry Cured Lamb

Dry Cured Lamb

Also known as "lamb ham" or "country lamb", our Dry Cured Lamb is a triumphant return of a Virginia culinary classic. Originally a dish enjoyed during Colonial America, we use our Edwards family tradition of time, temperature and hickory smoke to create an amazing new charcuterie from our smokehouses. Aged up to five months, the Dry Cured Lamb is a fantastic centerpiece to your next holiday meal.

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  • Boneless Dry Cured Lamb

    Boneless Dry Cured Lamb

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    Our hickory smoked, dry-cured boneless lamb is an elegant piece of American charcuterie.
  • Bone-In Dry Cured Lamb

    Bone-In Dry Cured Lamb

    SKU 11161
    Availability: Out of Stock
    The Bone-In Dry Cured Lamb from Edwards is food luxury at its finest.

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