Best Leftover Ham Recipe Ideas

A common question we get around here is..."I LOVE fixing a whole ham, but what should I make with the leftovers?"  Sure, you can make a ham sandwich, but what about after a sandwich?  Let us help you with some great tasting recipes that will make you want to buy a BIGGER ham next year just to get the leftovers!

Ham and Beans

A classic recipe that is perfect if your ham had a ham hock or ham shank on it.  You cannot beat the flavor that comes from seasoning your pot of beans with the real thing.

Ham and Rice Skillet Dinner

If you've been eating a traditional ham dinner, you may want to switch it up a bit with the ingredients you are pairing with the ham that's available.  Combining rice, ham and vegetables gives a fresh new flavor & keeps the dishes to a minimum!

Ham and Mushroom Cream Gravy

Great for a hearty meal on a cold winter day or an alternative to biscuits and gravy for breakfast. This recipe uses diced ham and is packed full of flavor. Served over toast or biscuits, this is not a meal you will soon forget!

Ham Pot Pie

Use any leftover ham you have to create this comfort food favorite.  From its flaky crust to the pieces of ham and diced vegetables, this is recipe is versatile to anything you have in the fridge!

Breakfast Ham Bake

Whether it's serving guests still in town for the holidays or a savory dish on the weekends for your family, this breakfast ham bake uses any diced pieces of ham you have in the fridge and combines it with eggs, cheese, peppers, and French bread cubes for a scrumptious dish that will NOT feel like leftovers!


We hope these recipes lend a hand in using up any ham leftovers during the holidays or any time of year!  Food that good can't go to waste!  For these recipes or any of our Burgers' Smokehouse recipes, you can find them here.