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The art of country ham is not yet lost.

Edwards Country Ham

It's becoming harder to find the genuine flavor of handcrafted, American-made country ham. Folks are looking for the salty, smoky flavors they grew up with, and hope to pass down culinary traditions in their family. We're here to help.

Since 1926, Edwards Virginia Smokehouse is a fourth-generation family business that's been a producer and purveyor of dry-cured, hickory smoked hams, bacon, and sausage.

Through decades of expertise, Edwards offers authentic cured meats meant for your next family gathering through our online catalog, ham shops, and specialty stores.

Made in America
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Quality backed by generations of curing expertise.

Wallace Edwards, Jr.

Times change and you've got to change with it,
but once you know what's right you adhere to it.
- Wallace Edwards, Jr.

In the late 1800s, the Edwards family cured hams on their Virginia farm to feed their household. The matriarch, Emma Edwards, taught her nine children the art of salting, smoking, and aging country hams.

Years later, in 1926, one of her sons, S. Wallace Edwards Sr., utilized that knowledge as a ferry boat captain. While ferrying folks along the James River between Surry County and historic Jamestown, he fed ham sandwiches to his hungry passengers. The travelers loved the ham so much; he decided to go into the ham business full-time.

Old Smokehouses

In the many decades since then, the Edwards' craft has been passed down from generation to generation and today led by S. Wallace Edwards Sr.'s grandson, Sam Edwards III, along with Edwards' fourth-generation family members. To this day, Edwards continues to not only safeguard the flavors of the American country ham but also innovate new Southern delicacies such as the award-winning Surryano Ham.

Preserving tradition. At all costs.

In January 2016, a fire struck Edwards' offices and smokehouses. Thankfully no one was harmed, but the facility was wiped out. To continue producing American charcuterie, Edwards has partnered with fellow smokehouses across the country to craft quality hams, bacon, and sausages. Curemaster Sam Edwards III uses his expertise to ensure each vintage of cured meats remains premium in flavor.

Edwards Virginia Smokehouse is working diligently to rebuild its smokehouses, but until then, Sam and the Edwards team work closely with their country ham collaborators to preserve this Southern tradition.

Start your country ham tradition today!

Whether it's a ham for Christmas dinner, bacon for an Easter breakfast, or smoked sausage for a summer cookout, our small team is ready to help start (or continue) your culinary traditions with us. We invite you to peruse our catalog, or visit our ham shops! You can also check out our store locator to find Edwards products near your home. If you need any assistance feel free to visit our help center or email us at support@edwardsvaham.com. Thank you!

-- The Edwards Family

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